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Inca Onset S20. Revolution

Inca Onset S20 combines capabilities of screen, offset and digital printing in one unit. Inca is absolutely unrivalled whenever demand for top quality, fast turnaround and tight budget must be matched together.

50 seconds

It takes as short as fifty seconds 
to print one full bed, regardless 
of printing substrate.

60 minutes

Within just one hour you can print:

  • 50 PVC boards (305 x 156 cm)
  • 180 B1 sheets (70 x 100 cm) 
  • 70 citylights (120 x 180 cm)


Regardless of a substrate
Inca S20 can print on cotaed stock, cartoon, corrugated cardboard, PVC, HIPS, glass, wood and a variety of other substrates up to 50 mm thick.

Smooth print
Linear motors and vibration-free air bearings for smooth and rapid positioning of the print carriage achieves uniquely accurate ink drop placement. Result: no banding effect.

Accurate colors
6-color configuration (C/M/Y/K/LtC/LtM) yields wide gamut and full compatibility with ISO 12647-7 offset printing standard. 600 dpi resolution allows clear type reproduction  even below 10 pt.

Two side printingy
PVaccum substrate positioning allows two-side printing accuracy within 1 mm tolerance.

Matt and glossy prints
Prints can have matte or glossy finish (similar to UV coating) or a combination of both, just by machine settings change. No extra processing is required.

Odorless graphics
Dual UV lamp curing system delivers odour-free products - a great advantage for indoor usage.

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