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Bluejet consists of 4 main departments: large format printing with prepress studio, finishing, which turns prints into products, logistics and storage, taking care of distribution, and creative department, responsible for product development. Production capabilities and equipment are carefully selected to ensure flexibility and redundancy in job processing.


Bluejet has 9 printing machines, from small photorealistic printers, through high-volume 3 and 5 meter roll media printers to unique Inca Onset S20, combinig offset and screen printing capabilities and our newest HP Scitex LX820 3,2 m latex printer. Combined output exceeds 20.000 square meters per day.


Complementing Inca Onset's unique capabilities, Esko Kongsberg XP large format digital plotter brings our finishing department efficiency to a new level. This industry-grade machine can automatically cut and crease a variety of media with speeds reaching 100 m/min. All with laser-accuracy due to optical tool positioning and vaccum media holder. The plotter enables swift production of small series of complicated high-quality cartoon stands and displays - Bluejet's specialty. All cartoon and plastic constructions are thoroughly on prototypes, with load capability and folding accuracy testing, to meet the stringent quality criteria. The use of automated cutting speeds the prototyping phase and lower costs.

Logistics and storage

Our experience logistics team can execute product delivery to any point in Poland or in Europe. For our customers' convinience, we created high-stack storage for ready products, to streamline delivery during customers' promotional campaigns.

Creative department

We can produce any form according to technical documentation, or we can create it from scratch. Our concept department can design any stand or display, and present it for customer's approval as a digital render.

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